5 Mar 2024
Rick Blackwell

In my role as a Walmer Town Councillor, I sit on the Amenities and Environment Committee, The Planning Committee and the Climate Emergency Working Group.

The projects that I have been involved with during February 2024 include:

  • Planning and approval of converting Stoney Path (a parcel of waste ground to the rear of the allotments) to a Community Orchard. Work has commenced on this.
  • Exploring the possibility of the Council taking over a piece of land to the rear of Churchill Avenue from Dover District Council to turn into a community space. This has included a consultation of local residents.

Residents have also raised some concerns with me about the state of the Rose Walk and Pergola in Marke Wood park, along with concerns about the play area. I was pleased to be able to raise these matters with DDC’s head of Parks and Open Spaces who informed the Council that they were seeking funding to carry out necessary repairs. Since then the pergola has been demolished which is disappointing to say the least.

The controversy about the Council’s purchase of 62 The Stand as an office still rumbles on. I have been a strong advocate of our keeping this property as our office as we have it on very favourable terms.  Meaning the Mortgage payment is much cheaper than renting, and of course we have the office as an asset for Walmer.