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Issued November 19, 2021

HMRC Riding Roughshod Over Residents With
Latest Dover Internal Border Facility Consultation


Dover & Deal Liberal Democrats have heavily criticised HMRC’s latest consultation and proposals for the newly named Dover Internal Border Facility (Dover IBF) as unacceptable and riding roughshod over local residents’ concerns.

HM Revenue & Customs recently launched a new set of proposals for a Dover IBF (originally called the White Cliffs Inland Border Facility) affording, once again a very short time period in which to respond to the consultation (October 25 to November 7, which was later extended to November 17, 2021). 

To make matters worse, as this is a “new proposal” HMRC has erased all previous comments and objections to the original site, submitted via previous consultations, showing no respect whatsoever to local residents and their concerns.

Furthermore, the latest set of proposals are very short on detail, which makes it difficult to respond/object in any meaningful way.

“It is jaw-droppingly shocking that HMRC can ride roughshod in this way over local residents.  It’s clear that no proper long-term planning is taking place.  It’s astounding.” 

Dover & Deal Lib Dems have submitted a range of objections including:

  • The enormous impact the site will have on local traffic at the Duke of York, B&Q and Whitfield roundabouts, the A2, the A258 to Walmer and Deal, the A20 and rural lanes.
  • The level of HGV traffic to and from the site 24/7
  • The plan to permit HGVs to use the new Dover Fastrack route, which was seen partly as a green, clean initiative for buses and cyclists
  • The huge negative environmental impact such a development will have. HMRC speaks of a “biodiversity net gain” but how can this be possible?

The local party raises additional questions including:

  • Why is the government employing a Special Development Order (SDO), a mechanism originally designed strictly for national emergencies, to grant temporary planning permission?
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment is an important element of an SDO.  Has one been undertaken and if so where are the findings?
  • What green initiatives are planned as part of the development?
  • How will this development enable Dover District to reach its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050?

Comments Penelope James, Dover & Deal Liberal Democrat party member:

“We are utterly appalled that this new consultation has meant all previous objections and comments from local residents and organisations regarding the proposed Inland Border Facility at White Cliffs Business Park have now been erased.  This is not how democracy works. 

“Furthermore, we fail to understand why a Special Development Order is being employed when the development should be subject to normal planning processes.  No technical details have been submitted, no Environmental Impact assessment, as far as we are aware, and no green initiatives proposed.


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