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I am delighted to put myself forward as a candidate in the Sandwich by-election for Dover District Council representing the Liberal Democrats. I am an open-minded, pragmatic person. I believe in politics by consensus and working in partnership. I have lived in Sandwich for 28 years and having worked for local government, I understand how it works and what it takes to get things done.

I have been a Sandwich Town Councillor for the last two years and led on the development of the Town Council’s business plan and strategic objectives. I am treasurer for The Sandwich Folk, the Ale Festival and the recently-formed Sandwich Pantry which provides good quality low-cost food to help people stretch their shopping budgets. I have been on the Town Team and am now on Sandwich in Bloom and have recently joined their watering squad! I love this area and this town and, if elected, will do my utmost to be an effective Councillor and to make sure that our local community has a strong voice at Dover District.

If you have any concerns or issues you wish to raise, please contact me on [email protected] I will be out and about as much as possible in the next few weeks. Look out for the big yellow rosette.

Stop building on greenfield sites

The council must stop approving inappropriate greenfield sites for housing development,
such as Abbey Homes in Woodnesborough, when there are suitable brownfield sites available.

Development needs to be sensitive to the proposed locality and must take account of biodiversity, traffic, housing density and adequate provision of local services. Yes, we need more houses, including social and affordable homes. But planned thoughtfully, not just rushed through to suit developers needs and government housing quotas. Sites like Kumor Nurseries should never happen again.


'Sites like Kumor Nurseries should never happen again.'

Protect the Environment

Our green spaces are important and need protection. Strong enforcement action is required to ensure trees are not felled without the correct permission and consultation. Planting should be encouraged.



'Where are the Trees? Where is the enforcement?'

Our waterways must be maintained and the council is responsible for them. They cannot continue to be overgrown with duckweed, depleting the oxygen levels and killing the fish.


'Clogged up with Duckweed'

Sandwich Ward needs sufficient and suitable parking for locals and visitors, reduction in traffic speed and rat runs, encouragement of cycling and good bus routes from outlying villages. We must also work to improve local air quality. Litter remains a big issue – the Town Team are devising plans to address this and they should be supported at District level. Action is required.

Promote Tourism

Sandwich is a beautiful and special town with so much potential for tourism which will benefit local business and create jobs. Exciting projects like the newly designated Maritime Heritage Harbour and the future development of the Quay will do this for Sandwich and will need the full support of Dover District Council.


Sandwich Quay and the Sandwich Medieval Centre boat

A Vibrant Inclusive Community

Community life in Sandwich is very important to me. We are so lucky to have so many community activists, all volunteers, putting on our festivals and events; organising Recycling, The Sandwich Pantry and Caring and Sharing in St Peters Church; Sandwich in Bloom improving the street scene with wonderful flowers and many more. All these people who work so hard for Sandwich must be supported and celebrated and I am proud to be part of it.


The 'Sandwich Pantry'. Anne is the Treasurer.  'Staffed by volunteers'



Sandwich in Bloom Anne is on the Watering Patrol


Remember to vote Anne Fox on 19th August.

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